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Hey there, Freelancing Friends! 

This week’s newsletter is now in the inboxes of paid subscribers! With more than 50+ new freelance and full-time well-paying opportunities on the market, it’s definitely prime time to launch your freelancing career. I just added 10 more really solid leads this morning!

That being said, it’s been a rough week in media. As I am sure you know, last week Hearst laid off 41 staffers (including some good friends), and the cuts keep coming. That means that the freelance space will continue to be hyper-competitive, and client demands are going to change considerably, at least for the foreseeable future.

The good news is there are more than 50 jobs and gigs on this list. I hope you find something that tickles your fancy and opens doors of opportunity!  As a bonus for those of you who make it all the way to the end of this newsletter,  this week, I’ve included a random job posting that is so strange it made me laugh. 

This week there are jobs and gigs from everyone from Rolling Stone, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, CNN (my old employer), Tesla (in case you’re itching to work for Elon),  Real Simple,  Food & Wine, Wine Enthusiast, Tom’s Guide, Time Out, Business Insider, Angi, Nerdwallet, Birkenstock, RAND, Morning Brew, Yahoo!, AARP and more.

Pay is up to a whopping $2 per word, $12,000 per month (!!!)  or yearly salaries of as much as $240,000 per year. 

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I also put together a post on how to set boundaries around your “per-word” work to help you figure out how to deal with time creep, the enemy of freelancers everywhere. A friend recently reached out to ask how to deal with a client who is paying her per word but expects her to be available for all of his random meetings, content call, and other events that are well outside of her contracted scope of work. It’s becoming more and more common in the space, and it’s vital that we all figure out how to navigate the situation with grace and boundaries. I even wrote up an email template you can use to respond to situations like this. 

Drop me a note if you want some advice or have noticed a shift in client demands! I may be able to offer some advice. After all, I’ve been doing the freelance thing for nearly ten years and have a ton of experience in the space.


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Did you miss July’s free freelance journalist workshop? No need to worry, I’m planning on having another in August!

Whether you need help honing your story ideas or want to know how to find resources or what the current state of freelancing is, I can help! These small group Zoom conversations can be a great way to meet other freelancers, and glean information so that you can find the right gigs and jobs for you!

The first 30-minute Zoom session is free and I’ll be offering these workshops once per month at 12 pm PT! Attend and you’ll get a free month of access to these listings!


If you have something you’d like to see on this list, feel free to email me directly and I’ll add it. Many of the people who read this and subscribe to the mailing list are high-caliber, professional freelance journalists with tons of experience, ideas and awards. Drop me a note here.


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Abigail Bassett is a Los Angeles-based freelance journalist with more than 15 years of varied experience under her belt. She has been a freelance journalist since 2014, and has successfully weathered the ups and downs of the media world and journalism. She has bylines with everyone from Car & Driver and Motor Trend, to Elle Magazine, Travel & Leisure, National Geographic, Fortune, Fast Company and more!

In addition to her freelance career, Abigail spent ten years as a senior producer at CNN in New York, a when she began her successful freelance journalism career ten years ago. Abigail is a skilled moderator, interviewer, and on-air and podcasting host with credits and appearances at Fast Company’s Innovation Festival, SXSW, the JBL Fest, Reuters Automotive Events, Electrify Expo and other top-tier, household name events and publications.

The jobs list newsletter has been curated by Abigail. She subscribes to a number of pay-for-access job sites and newsletters, and she digs up these gigs on everything from Twitter and LinkedIn to FlexJobs, Glassdoor, and Indeed because she believes in two tenets:

  1. Experienced freelance journalists should be paid a fair wage for their work.
  2. Freelancers need to stick together and help each other out. This is her way of doing just that.

The first portion of the job description has been copied and pasted into the newsletter and the direct application link is included, making it WAY easier for you to quickly find and apply for well-paying, high-profile journalism jobs and freelance opportunities.

If you want to see more of Abigail’s journalism work including her bylines with Elle Magazine, National Geographic, Travel & Leisure, TechCrunch, Fortune, Forbes, Maxim, Car & Driver and more, head over to her portfolio site at

Follow her on Threads, Bluesky, Instagram or Twitter, (for however much longer that lasts…) to find out more about her current assignments. And yes, she does apply for a lot of these jobs (in case you’re wondering). Mostly, she just wants to make the world a little bit better for journalists trying to make a living in the age of AI. She is available for commissions, so reach out!

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