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Hi, Freelancing Friends!

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind of a week this week and the newsletter has been in paid subscriber’s inboxes since yesterday morning!

This week’s post includes jobs and gigs from Vox, The New York Times, The Today Show, MoneyWatch, Rover, Harvard (NeimanLab), The Mayo Clinic, Hasbro (Dungeons & Dragons), Airbnb, Popular Science, The Points Guy, Bob Vila, USA Today, Financial Times Magazine, The Unversity of Washington, Guardian US, Johns Hopkins, Lonely Planet, Meta, CNN, Rover, and a whole bunch of others.

Pay ranges from around $200+ per hour, and $1 per word, to $250,000 per year.  

Most importantly, as always, I’ve included editor emails and social media handles when I can find them.

🔥Hot Tip🔥 You can easily archive these emails (don’t just delete them!) so you can go back and search for the right contact when you have the perfect pitch. 

In case you’re curious about how this newsletter differs from others out there I just got a message from one of my paid subscribers. It’s a common theme that I hear weekly either via email, text, or DM, and it makes me so happy to know that this newsletter is helping other hard-working journalists find their path in these strange media days.

“Great newsletter this week! You have a LOT of posts that are not on the other newsletters I get!”

-Famous Automotive Journalist, Emme Hall-

I didn’t get around to writing a blog this week (as it was my birthday, and I did my best to stay offline to celebrate), but I plan to have one for you next week before I head out for a week in Carmel Valley, California, celebrating all that the automotive world has to offer. If you’ll be there for Car Week, hit me up! I’d love to connect and learn how this freelance life is treating you! 

Oh, and for kicks, this is a terrifying job post that also cracked me up.

 This one absolutely intrigues me. I’m thinking that you could get the front-row seat to the Elon x Zuck Cage Fight that’s happening (?) but, only if poor old Elon can recover in time…(sure).

Thanks again for being a paid subscriber and enjoying my editorial comments. 🙂

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