Freelance & Full-Time Journalism, Writing & Editing Jobs for the Week Ending August 18

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Hi Freelancing Friends!

I’m on the road this week for some work at the annual Car Week events in Pebble Beach, but thought I’d get this week’s newsletter into paid-subscribers inboxes so those of you in the know can take advantage of these solid opportunities.

 I’ve been pressed for time this week, so the list is a bit shorter than usual, but it still includes a ton of really high-paying and high-profile jobs.

This week’s list includes jobs and requests for pitches from everyone from The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Economist, Daily Beast, Men’s Health, The Seattle Times, Rivian, Volvo, Cosmopolitan, Blue Bottle, and more. This week is heavy on the freelance jobs and lighter on the full time jobs, interestingly enough. Pay ranges from $1 per word and up to $70 per hour to  to $217,000 per year. 

Topics include travel and adventure to business, personal finance and breaking news.

As always, I’ve included the editor’s emails where I can find them, which makes pitching ideas (even if you don’t have them right now) that much easier! Basically I build and maintain your Rolodex of editor contacts every, single week. I always suggest that subscribers archive these emails so that when inspiration strikes, they’ve got the right contact for the right outlet.

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