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I wanted to share a recent story (and upcoming series) that one of my subscribers landed with Vox!  I am so thrilled for them! You can check out the first installment of their coverage of the Hawaii wildfires, here.

J. happens to be an incredible photographer and writer with a keen sense of climate justice and human rights. They are also a dear friend who I met through yoga. We keep up over text, mostly, and connect about whatever latest project or pitch we’re working on. Keep an eye on J. and their work, via Instagram.

If you landed a story or a job by pitching someone or applying to a job on my weekly list, hit me up! I’d love to share and promote your work and make sure that it gets all the eyeballs it deserves.

This week’s list includes some great gigs from a whole bunch of UK based pubs (Guardian US, Daily Express, etc.), Thrillist, Reader’s Digest, Robb Report, Fox, People Magazine, Men’s Health, USA Today, ProPublica,, Google, Meta, Instagram, Snap and more. Some salaries are up to $325,000 per year, and there are lots of calls for “trending news” and automotive coverage. There are also some interesting leads from companies I’ve never heard of, but they pay pretty well. 

As always, I’ve included editor email addresses in this newsletter so you can directly contact the right person for your pitch. It’s definitely worth the $5 per month.

I hope the work-hunt is going well for you this summer as the media business continues to change. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or want me to help promote your work! 

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Happy Hunting!

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