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Hey, Freelancing Friends!

Welcome to a shortened work week! I’m off to Las Vegas this week for some hosting work for Fast Company and Inc. Magazine, so I’ll be a bit laggy in my responses if you reach out.

I’m surprised by how robust this week’s newsletter is (as I mentioned last week, things generally start to pick up in the fourth quarter when companies have money to burn before the end of the year). 

If you’ve been a subscriber for a while, you already know that all of the opportunities in this newsletter are remote (unless noted next to the listing), and pay a minimum of $1 per word, more than $100,000 per year, OR offer a REALLY good byline opportunity. I’ve noted the ones that fall below the threshold but offer good bylines.

This week features jobs and gigs from everyone from Nike (a contract position for you sneakerheads!), USA Today, Vox, Autodesk, National Geographic Society, The Obama Foundation, the NRDC, Sports Illustrated, Nike, Byrdie, Michigan State University, AP, Quartz, the LA Times, The Street Insider and a whole lot more. While good freelancing gigs are relatively sparse this week, there are a ton of solid full-time remote positions that you might be able to freelance on the side with. Pay is up to $286,000 per year, and at least a $1 per word. Become a paid subscriber to take a look. 

Also! If you attended one of my free monthly freelance advice sessions over the last few months, you know that I share some tips and tricks for the best way to leverage free tools and find great stories. Most recently, I talked about the value of LinkedIn for Journalists. If you’re a full-time freelance journalist with public clips over the last six months, you can get LinkedIn Premium for free. I wrote a short post about this recently (and included how you can sign up and get access,) so go check it out and SIGN UP! I can’t stress how worth it, this is. 

Oh, and speaking of my free monthly freelance advise sessions – come to one and ask all the questions you want! I have one coming up next week on September 13 (Wednesday) at 12 pm PT. Sign up through the link–or share with your friends if they’re thinking of making the jump. 

Also, given how many AWFUL job postings I look through, I’m going to start regularly including the Dishonorable Mentions of the Week at the end of the newsletter (I was surprised how many of you liked it in last week’s newsletter!), and this week I’ve included TWO terrible postings. You’ll have to become a paying subscriber below and scroll all the way to the end to find out how media companies (and others) are exploiting skilled journalists for pennies or to just know more about what to avoid. 

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