Freelance & Full-Time Journalism, Writing & Communications Jobs for the Week Ending September 15

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As expected its a BIG week here in freelance-land.

In spite of some massive personal turmoil, I’ve put together another stellar list of freelance and full-time jobs and gigs for those of you in journalism, writing, editing, video & television and communications–and there are some serious powerhouse outlets on this list.

This week’s newsletter is CHOCK-FULL of great opportunities across the board. Calls for pitches are coming from everyone from Cosmo, and MIT Technology Review, to the New York Times, The Guardian, Travel & Leisure, National Geographic and Vogue.

On the full-time front, there are opportunities with CNN, The Autopian, Lucid, Sports Illustrated, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Food & Wine, and Yahoo. Comms folks, you’ve got some opportunities with Ducati, Sony and the LA County MTA.

As always, all the gigs in this week’s newsletter pay AT LEAST $1 a word or more, and offer a minimum of at least $100,000 per year in pay (unless otherwise noted, which is rare). If they pay under that range, I’ve noted it as it may still be a great opportunity. I’ve also included all editor’s email addresses so that you can pitch or reach out directly to the folks doing the hiring without having to search up their contact information. In addition, I’m including any insights I have about working for these outlets (as it turns out I’ve worked for a lot of them), to help you make better choices, and career moves in the space.

I’ve also started including Dishonorable Job of the Week, highlighting just how heinous some large and well-known outlets are whether they’re paying absolute trash or simply exploiting skilled journalists and communications staff.

So if you’re looking to jump ship, dip your toe into the freelance world, or just want to get the inside scoop on what its really like to work for some of the biggest and most recognized media brands in the world, this is the newsletter for you. Choose an option below and I’ll send you this week’s newsletter, ASAP.

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