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This week’s newsletter is chock-full of great opportunities–especially if you’re looking for full-time work. While some of the freelance gigs have been re-upped from past newsletters (I have included those, because they were recently re-posted or boosted on social), there are still some great calls for pitches, some new editor emails, and guidelines for pitching. 

This week includes calls for pitches from Condé Nast Traveler, National Geographic, SF Gate (a couple of new part time gigs that pay well), Jezebel, another call for pitches from Al Jazeera, The GuardianUS, a really interesting Substack that pays very well, University of Washington and Michigan State. 

As you may have seen me mention on BlueSky (because I really dislike Twitter and refuse to call it “X,” and I’d REALLY like to get off it if I could…but, alas) the full-time work on this list is jaw-droppingly good. There are jobs from NASA, The New York Times, Inc., StitchFix, Bloomberg, Hearst, USA Today (which pays astonishingly well)  and more all that pay over $100,000 a year. I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned that this weeks full-time jobs content was 🔥🔥🔥.

Top Three Reasons This Jobs Newsletter Stands Out From Others on the Market

  1. PAY: All Freelance gigs and calls-for-pitches offer at least $1 per word or a really great byline opportunity. This is especially great if you’re looking to transition to another vertical and really tired of seeing super low rates. All full-time work pays at least $100,000 in salary or more. I note if these jobs are worthwhile or a load of horseshit. I’ve worked a lot of places for a lot of people in my nearly 20 year career. I’ll give you the inside scoop on what the environment is really like.
  2. CONTACTS FOR EDITORS: I include actual email addresses for the right editors to pitch. I spend a lot of time each week making sure that I have the right email addresses for these folks.
  3. All work is REMOTE: Apparently, that’s hard to find these days (according to this Insider story that I just read this morning…) I’ve been a remote worker for a long time–well before Covid shutdowns, so I know how to find these kinds of jobs.

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