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As we get deeper into Q4, the economic picture gets even more muddled thanks to the latest war in the Middle East, questions about the stability of our own government (thanks, Congress) and their commitments, the ongoing confusing numbers coming out of the latest jobs report, and the questions around inflation, the media world (read as hiring, calls for pitches, etc.) is going to get weird in the coming weeks and months. 

The best insight and advice I can give you, based on my 20+ years in journalism both as an employee of big companies and as an independent freelancer, is: Be Ready to Pivot. That means that you’ll need to think and act fast on calls-for-pitches, have your contacts on speed dial, and be ready to cover a wide variety of topics that may be a bit of a stretch outside your comfort zone. 

This week’s listings feel strange to me–there were a bunch of calls for pitches that resurfaced as editors didn’t get the responses they wanted, there seems to be a lot of book-focused calls, and not a lot of other feature stuff out there right now. It’s normal for calls for pitches to fall off in Q4, so don’t worry–just be aware. 

The full-time list has a lot to offer. Many of the gigs are hybrid, with a handful of remote options. Like always, everything in this newsletter pays either $1 per word or more, or pays at least $100,000 or more. There’s no other newsletter on the market like it so become a paid subscriber below!

I offer a couple of options whether you want to become a regular subscriber or just see this weeks listings. You can choose and you can cancel at any time. All payments are processed through Stripe.

In this week’s newsletter there are open gigs and calls-for-pitches at places like People Magazine, Guardian US (which has been a frequent flier on this list lately), Tom’s Guide, The 19th, Politico, Atlas Obscura, Insider,  International Business Times, ESPN, The New Yorker, PBS Frontline, Bloomberg, Paper Magazine, the AP, Barnes & Noble, National Geographic, and more. 

As you know, this newsletter isn’t complete without the Dishonorable Mentions, section, but you’ll have to subscribe to find out who’s ended up on that list this week.

In case you’re wondering…

Top Three Reasons This Journalism Jobs Newsletter Stands Out From Others

  1. PAY: All Freelance gigs and calls-for-pitches offer at least $1 per word or a really great byline opportunity. This is especially great if you’re looking to transition to another vertical and really tired of seeing super low rates. All full-time work pays at least $100,000 in salary or more. I note if these jobs are worthwhile or a load of hooey. I’ve worked a lot of places for a lot of people in my nearly 20 year career. I’ll give you the inside scoop on what the environment is really like.
  2. CONTACTS FOR EDITORS: I include actual email addresses for the right editors to pitch. I spend a lot of time each week making sure that I have the right email addresses for these folks.
  3. All work is REMOTE: Apparently, that’s hard to find these days (according to this Insider story that I just read this morning…) I’ve been a remote worker for a long time–well before Covid shutdowns, so I know how to find these kinds of jobs.

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