Freelance & Full-Time Journalism, Communications and Writing Jobs for the Week Ending October 27

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Freelance work seems to be ROARING back (as expected), and there are some very good leads on gigs and calls-for-pitches for the week ending October 27.

Welcome to this weeks’ update with new journalism, writing and communications jobs and calls-for-pitches, all of which are remote, pay at least $1 per word or a minimum of $100,000 per year in salary, and include relevant editor email addresses so you know who to pitch when you have your next great idea!

If this is your first time here, welcome! I send out the newsletter every week on Wednesday around 9am PT. Every week the listings are new and different.

In case you’re curious about why this jobs newsletter stands out above the rest, read this post.

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This Week in Journalism Jobs

This week, I’ve included calls for pitches with editor emails from everyone from The New York Times, Well Blog, to Vox, Inverse, Fast Company, Slate, Reader’s Digest, Insider, and more. All pay $1 per word or more. There are some great full-time remote and hybrid opportunities too, including Travel & Leisure, Fortune, Seeking Alpha, Architectural Digest, and NBC. 

Thought of the Week: Why Pay Transparency Matters & Why We Do What We Do

If you’ve been a subscriber here for a little while, you know that I am a huge NPR fan (and I frequently share available remote jobs at NPR)  and regularly listen to a lot of their financial/economics content because I was recently hired to book and host a weekly economics podcast which is launching in the next 3-4 weeks.

Basically, I need to brush up on my business/economics news consumption to stay on top of the topics that I think will be interesting to a very wide population of people. (I’ll keep you posted on when the show officially launches.)

Last week, I listened to an episode of Planet Money that featured a female comedienne who is completely transparent about her earnings, income, and how she pays those who work with her. She had some great advice for negotiating rates (JUST ASK!) and advocating for yourself when it comes to financial topics. I found it really refreshing, and it just underscored a further need for pay transparency across all kinds of sectors. Feel free to check it out on Spotify, here. And yes, it’s funny and entertaining (and it gets to the heart of what I’m trying to do with this newsletter!). 

I also sat down and read this David Brooks Op-Ed over the weekend, and wow, did it resonate for me. Being an “illuminator” (as he calls it) is one of the many reasons I love being a journalist. I also really like that term for the way it feels to do the work I do. I’m going to try and pre-order his book (and even look into his Weave Community) because it just feels like we need more of this–especially with how horrific the world has gotten recently.

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