Freelance & Full-Time Journalism Jobs That Pay $1 per word or $100,000 per year! (For the Week Ending November 10)

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This week feels kind of like an in-betweener as we head into the holidays.

I found some some GREAT jobs and calls for pitches over the past few weeks and I fully expect things to slow down a bit.

I’m keeping things short and sweet this week as I am back under the deadline gun (again!), but I’ve collected jobs and calls for pitches from everyone from Essence, Vox, ProPublica, Everyday Health, EaterLA, McSweeney’s, SFGate, Edelman, The Guardian, and New York Magazine (Strategist) and MORE. 

As always the paid newsletter includes direct editor email address, all pay a minimum of $1 per word or more and full-time jobs pay at least $100,000 or more per year.

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Monthly subscribers get access to past newsletters (linked at the bottom of the email). Those of you who just want to see the current week’s newsletter and pay $3 do not get that access. FWIW, IMHO the $5 per month makes SO much more financial sense–especially if you’re looking for great leads for work.

So pick your poison below and I’ll send you this week’s digest!

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