Writing a Regular Column for a Climate Tech Hiring Platform

Writing regular, intelligent, well-researched content is tough. Bring CNTRL Media on board to help.

CNTRL Media, offers regular content creation and curation for start-ups and well-established players in a wide number of sectors.

Abigail Bassett currently writes a weekly column for Climatebase, a hiring platform for the climate workforce. The column becomes the backbone of one of the bi-weekly (2x per week) newsletters that go out to more than 100,000 subscribers with very high open rates. The pieces are also posted on Climatebase’s blog, where job seekers can learn more about the industry, understand the growing intersection of culture and climate change, and find new opportunities in the space.

You can subscribe to the Climatebase newsletter by hopping over to the platform and clicking the Sign Up button at the bottom of the page. You’ll get jobs and the news of the week delivered to your inbox on a regular basis.

Want to learn more about hiring CNTRL Media for your content needs? Feel free to connect.

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