Creating Content to Drive Alcohol Delivery Sales

Finding talented writers, video producers, editors, and creators who can create content that drives sales can be one of the most difficult hurdles any company–whether large or small–can face.

CNTRL MEDIA has experience sourcing, hiring, and managing a wide variety of freelance content producers who can create compelling and unique content to drive sell-through and engagement.

Thirstie is a New York City based, tech start-up that specializes in liquor delivery. They recently announced that as a result of  the content leadership and guidance of CNTRL MEDIA, they will begin seeking Series A funding.

The company approached CNTRL with the goal of creating great, shareable content, and building a content and blog platform that would drive liquor delivery sales in major markets like New York, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, and Los Angeles. They brought Abigail Bassett on board as the Editorial Director in February of 2015 and she has since built out the content on the site and hired and manages more than 20 freelancers on a day-to-day basis.

CNTRL MEDIA sourced, hired, managed, and created the editorial content and the editorial staff and worked closely with key stakeholders to create partnerships, social posts, innovative features, stories and video content for the start-up.

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