Freelance & Full-Time Writing, Editing & Journalism Jobs for the Week Ending August 4

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Another week, another set of stellar jobs!

Today’s newsletter for paid subscribers includes opportunities from the LA Times, Vox, Grist, Bustle, US News & World Report, Yahoo!, Intel, Axios, Insider, Peloton, Specialized, Meta, Ford, Stripe, Sonos and a whole bunch of others. It also includes editor’s email addresses! Pay is up to $2 per word, and more than $373,000 per year (which, WOW).

While the freelance side of this feels a little lighter than it has in a few weeks, we are entering into the final month of the slowest time of the year for most of us, which is always a bit of a nailbiter. 

If you’re out there hunting down gigs like I am, you know that there’s been an increase in the number of what I like to call “unpaid work” interviews. If you saw this week’s blog post, you already know the story–but I’ve included that rather questionable job on this list as a word of warning. Bonus points if you’re a subscriber and you spot it. 

I hope you’re enjoying my candid takes on all these postings, outlets and opportunities. I enjoy putting this together for you each week. If you’re a subscriber and having a hard time finding your newsletter, check you spam folder. A few of you reached out to let me know you didn’t get last weeks and it turns out it got spammed. Mailchimp doesn’t always play well with certain email providers, so the message might very well be in that dreaded folder. Be sure to mark the email(and my email address) as “NOT SPAM” so when the newsletter goes out next week, you’re the first to see it!

Hit me up with any questions or thoughts on your freelance life. I’d love to hear about your wins as well as any of your complaints about the changing nature of this freelance beast.  Happy Hunting!

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